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"Respect My Titties!"

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. That's what Sarah Rae wants when you meet her and you see her ginormous JJ-cup jugs. Just how do you respect a girl with a near-perfect set of boobs? Sarah couldn't be happier to explain. "You can tell me you like my boobs," Sarah said. "I love my boobs, so hearing that people like them is always flattering. I usually wear tops that show them off a bit. You know, tank tops and low-cut dresses. I'm proud of them, so I flaunt them." With her fleshy mounds of cleavage staring right back at us, it's clear Sarah has a lot to be proud of. And because Sarah draws so much pride from her fun bags, she's sure to use them to spread the love. When asked how she makes a man feel special, Sarah replied: "I smother him with my big titties and tell him how amazing he is.
Featuring: Sarah Rae
Date: December 15th, 2014
Duration: 71

Member Comments

3 years ago 
I just want to say to Sarah, Thank you so much for showing us that unique incredible and every time more and more precise technique so powerful that can keep both enormous boobs defying gravity in your mouth for a long time. I think about that and I recognize on her a very talented woman capable of doing something that other girls are not interested in practicing. As far as I know you have been training a lot at home this technique. I think it is very difficult because you have to balance each breast's weight at the same time but separated in your brain because each boob requires a different amount of pressure in order to keep them up inside your beautiful mouth. THANKS SARAH for practicing that technique, every time I can see you are getting more and more precise, stronger, and I am sure this can be use as a tutorial for all the girls that would like to start this exercise. Sarah one day you were not practicing this at all, then after a lot of years you have become the best, I am sure to say, if SCORE creates a section about this, you Sarah are automatically the number 1, no question about it, you are the pioneer on sucking 2 big, long, heavy and beautiful boobs at the same time with no hands for a very extended period of time. That is incredible and I think SCORE/ XLGIRLS must give you and special award, starting this year because I doubt that any other girl is more prepared to win over you, unless you teach them, without your teaching probably the other girls can do it but only with 1 boob, but 2 it is more rare and unique. I only saw Micky Bells and Gya doing the 2 breast at same time, but it was a small brief time, very weak, they need a lot more training, they performance was nothing to compare to yours, the way you just manage to do it nicely real it is just a gift. You have now the experience to do it anytime you want because you already mastered the technique. That is the reason that you made it to look so easy but in reality it is a complex task. Please SCORE YOU have the opportunity to award this amazing girl and her technique that she has already MASTERED. I would love to see other girls following your tutorials and trying to be as accurate as you are. It is very possible in the near future to have a sort of competition of girls that want to become the next Sarah Rae. That sounds so amazing just to think about it. Please SCORE consider that idea, a section dedicated just to that technique, and Sarah can be the teacher in each video with each busty student girl dreaming to become as skillful as Sarah has become. THANKS SARAH AND THANKS SCORE FOR THIS GREAT AND UNIQUE TECHNIQUE...
3 years ago 
what a super hottie honey...she kills her photos...always lookin so hot. her monster personality shines through in each image..1, 9, 10 and 61 make my pulse the outfit babe!
3 years ago 
I love her bush
3 years ago 
Sarah's sets are consistently the best, which makes it difficult to improve on her existing body of work. This set does that by putting her in the hottest damn pants I've ever seen and then ever so slowly removing them to reveal that furry pussy I love and seldom get to see. When it comes to going down on her, Sarah has taken "hope" out of the equation.
3 years ago 
Sarah Rae, I respect ALL of you. You're lovely!
3 years ago 
The boom angle with her on all fours is a can't look away shot ! DO THIS MORE !!!!
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