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Miss Sapphire, P.E.

Gym class was never like this for most of us. Do Miss Sapphire's students spy on her through a peephole when she showers? Does she snap a towel at the asses of the more lazy students? Things to think about. "I'm a real woman with real, big boobs who lives a real life," Miss Sapphire reminds us. "I'm grateful for the guys out there who are turned on by a full-figured female. I think most men feel that way, if they were honest with themselves. When guys see me naked for the first time, most of them try to hide the shock. Even though they know my boobs are large, when they actually see them, their eyes do that popping-out-of-their-heads cartoon look. It's funny.".
Featuring: Sapphire
Date: June 3rd, 2010
Duration: 64

Member Comments

1 year ago 
I LOVE her phat pussy bulging through her workout pants! WOW!
6 years ago 
You are always beautiful & lovely no matter how you get dressed, Sapphire.
7 years ago 
You folks sure can screw up a photo shoot. A white jog suit against lovely Sapphire's alabaster skin is a NO NO!! Thanks for the glare from the blue wall. And, by the way, the ball we want to see her hold is depicted. Again, stop trying so hard to do what should be easy: pose this lovely Canadian lass is a natural setting where her beauty is enhanced. Not detracted from with a poor setting, outfit and faux action. Place her in a mauve sun room, with good lighting, pink or green shorts/tank top, pose on the couch, love seat, and lounge chair. Sultry looks, seductive poses, alluring shots and enticing facial expressions. Yeah, I know, you folks forgot.
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