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Model of the Year 2008

Once again, for the third year in a row, Sapphire has won Plumper of the Year in V-Mag. By now, the red-haired Californian could win with one arm tied behind her back. What is her secret. She can't tell us..because it's a secret. Whatever the campaign secret behind her trouncing everyone, Sapphire truly deserves her win. In six years of modeling for V-Mag and XLGirls, she's won three out of six years. Very impressive. We can guess what the factors are. She's very-down-to-earth, low-maintenance and girl-next-door. She's not a glamour puss.
Featuring: Sapphire
Date: August 13th, 2009
Duration: 50

Member Comments

7 years ago 
Gee guys, thanks for NOT closing the curtains. It's just wonderful to have all that glare 'wash out' this lovely lady's complexion. Great idea - why snap a set where she is actually visible and complemented by her surroundings, right? Yeah, it's professionals to incorporate quality. That's right, you are professionals. Just no quality control, I guess. Maybe take a peek at what your paying customer will see. Maybe hire a few to get some idea what works and what don't. Yeah, pros do that. Guess you aren't there yet.
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