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The Return

We thought heavy-breasted blonde Brit Samantha Sanders was done with modeling. Actually, she did retire. But then she recently decided to un-retire, and she contacted her old friends at The SCORE Group. A lawyer in England, Samantha's tits could do considerable damage to your neck if she dropped them on your head. Fortunately, she uses her super-powers for good. Like getting naked and naughty and shagging hung dudes. We played catch-up with Samantha. How did you come to shoot again for us 10 years later? Did we find you or did you contact us? Samantha: I contacted The SCORE Group after I became single as I really wanted to model again. What size bra do you wear now? Samantha: 34JJ What favorite brands of bras do you buy? Samantha: I don't have a favorite really. Any that fit! Do you need a bra-fitting, or can you buy bras off the rack? Samantha: I know my size, so I can order online. Do you know how much your boobs weigh? Samantha: Nearly two stones. (28 pounds) Any comments for the fans? Samantha: I would like to thank the fans that buy the mags and the DVDs, download the pictures and videos and just love to see me in general.
Featuring: Samantha Sanders
Date: October 1st, 2015
Duration: 50

Member Comments

2 years ago 
exelent retun
2 years ago 
So great to see Samantha again. She looks great. She was always one of my favorites.
2 years ago 
Dear Sam - PLEASE do come back and shoot again...and again...and again! You are so beautiful, and it is a joyous occasion to see you return. Please don't make it short-lived.
2 years ago 
Great to have Sam back. I keep hoping to bump into her seeing as England is a small place and she's single again. It would be great to see her playing with a Cock again after so long. Love this girl!!
2 years ago 
Damn Samantha! Way to knock it out of the park on your return! I love the outfit, I love the way your pussy hair is trimmed, I love the crotch shots, and most of all, I love the way you look now. Hotter than ever!
2 years ago 
Wow!!! Samantha's back. Wish I could photograph her myself over here in England. Bigger and better than ever. A breast mans dream is back.
2 years ago 
Ten years? And each and every day she has gotten better! wow whatta woman! She can juris my prudence anytime!
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