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Looks Naked With Her clothes On

In the Talkin' Tits Blog of May '09 Voluptuous magazine, an editor wrote, "Basically, I think Sabina's very underrated. We get letters about Karina Hart and Christy Marks, and they're deserving of the attention. But Sabina doesn't get the same notoriety, and to me, that's a shame." Sabina caught that blog item reading the magazine and wrote in her own blog, "And don't miss the blurb on page 52 of May '09 V-Mag right underneath a great picture of my tits, which elaborates on how underrated I am as a model and sexual performer. Voluptuous editor, I agree with you." But praise does come in for the Colorado hottie, like this comment from Jack Z., a friend of The SCORE Group and loyal patron, who wrote "Sabina Leigh is unique as a XXX-star today with her sparse yet full covering of blond pubic hair. My own survey of three recent editions of Voluptuous found that 16 models were completely bare, seven models only had some wisps or a small patch remaining while only three were unaltered." Or Chief who emailed: "Has a reader ever married a model? If not, can I be the first? Sabina Leigh is amazing, mesmerizing and incredible. I think a layout of Sabina in a wedding gown would be very sexy. I have a ring waiting." Of course, Chief has a list of models he wants to embrace in holy wedlock so maybe he should establish residency in Utah or Thailand first. Sabina is the first model we've met who's a sexual educator, a feminist activist, a sex toy designer AND a pervert. There's always something sexy about a girl who calls herself a long as she's hot looking, that is. Sabina also worked behind the counter in an adult retail shop which we think is very cool.
Featuring: Sabina Leigh
Date: June 22nd, 2009
Duration: 50

Member Comments

8 years ago 
Sabina--- WOW !, a sex educator,a feminest activist,sex toy designer AND a pervert, if all this is true this is definately one model I'd love to meet.I have had the pervert description of myself but, the truth is,I love and respect a beautiful woman who is independent and sure of herself, knows what she likes but also treats the men in her life with respect.PLEASE keep having Sabina model for you, AGAIN WOW ! she IS BEAUTIFUL.
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