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Tight And Tighter

Jeans, that is. Risque enjoys movies, concerts and anything that's lots of fun. The funniest pick-up line she's ever been handed is "I wanna tap dat ass." The worst thing a man can ever say is "Those are some big ta-tas." Substitute: "That sweater looks very nice on you." Chicks, they love roundabouts. What sexualy satisfies Risque best? "A cock in my pussy." Does she start sex or does she wait for the guy to take charge? "If I waited for a guy, I'd still be a virgin!" How often does she like to get fucked? "About four times a week. If not more!" That says it all! She has no trouble getting lots of offers, not with that bod!
Featuring: Risque Waters
Date: November 30th, 2010
Duration: 100

Member Comments

3 years ago 
Yup its
official...... She
wants me!
7 years ago 
God I love Redheads!!!
7 years ago 
Love her face and her body she is just perfect! Man I love this chick!
Don't you hate it when there about to be a good ass shot and the camera stays on an angle, wtf this would have been epic. Top bird.
7 years ago 
She's perfect alright; maybe someday XL photogs will let go of their dildo fetish and then we may see a session where only a FEW are dildo shots
7 years ago 
All i gotta say is that is america's real next top model lol. I nearly tripped over the phone cord looking at her cute face lol. But i would like her recieve the g-spot technique i know about for her 2nd video. She came great in her 1st video but she got the g-spot technique i know, she will squirt everywhere. It's just a suggestion for her. But she's the reason i joined Xl. Sorry barbies suck, bbw rules lol
7 years ago 
Oh my god-love those nipples..just wanna suck'em and suck'em. Risque has great curves-love the red hair. love the ass shots and the spread cheeks.
7 years ago 
Great girl, really nice the way her breasts are shaped, and love the tips. Picture #24 is dynamite, I like that kind of natural shot with the arms up, just showing how they hang. Yeah, they point to the port and starboard, but that kind of imperfection, if you will, adds to her charm.

I'd like her to shave, of course, it would enhance a picture like #62 and #77, which is the kind of closed or partially open vag shots we just don't get enough of in these sets. But, hey, that's her call of course, at least it's not a forest down there.

Shot #97 is great, love that kind of picture, #50 is good too. All the holding the cheeks open and the dildo stuff . . . does nothing for me. More glam, less gyno, especially when a big girl as pretty as this gets fully nude.
7 years ago 
7 years ago 
Risque is a lovely BBW. I'd like to see her wearing something more sexy, like a tight sweater dress, or a naughty nighty! Thanks
7 years ago 
Risque Waters is definitely one of the hottest models to ever grace your site. This woman exudes sex appeal. I love everything about her, her face, her smile, her hair, her skin, and her rocking body. This is a great set. Well lit, well conceived, and beautifully photographed.
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