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Reyna Mae is one of the stars of the film K-Jugs. She plays one of the girls in a rock music duo. She also stars in Plump Desires, Tits On Top and Triple-X Tit Sex, all hot, hardcore action. Reyna knows there's nothing like a striptease that starts with sexy lingerie and she uses the knowledge to her advantage. "One of my favorite things to do is dress up in fancy lingerie for a man. There's nothing like all these curves squeezed into something sheer, lacy and tight. Men like to see the fabric of my lingerie stretched over my boobs, ready to rip because my tits are so big. But they have no idea just how really beautiful and big they are until I take everything off. It drives the boys crazy. They love to squeeze and suck my tits and pinch my nipples.
Featuring: Reyna Mae
Date: June 14th, 2010
Duration: 65

Member Comments

1 year ago 
fernan stole my thunder! Just look at #34 - the ass close-up, fully spread - her asshole is absolutely delectable! So clean and smooth!
4 years ago 
I love her ASSHOLE :)...
5 years ago 
Reyna is beautiful. But not much in the way of emotions
7 years ago 
I agree with Tom ,Reyna Mae is a very georgous redhead and though she has wonderful, mouth watering tits,I would not need to be reminded about her beautiful ass and sweet pussy ,never mind myself,I would be so pleased just to make her cum with great pleasure.I think Reyna would be a lot of fun and I sure would be a lucky man to have fun with her.
7 years ago 
All I have to say that she is an beauty queen.
8 years ago 
WOW !, What a clean , beautiful ,sexy woman Reyna Mae is and though some men don't like tattoos, I like her tatoo on her tummy.I love her georgous full figure and I'm sure she could be a tiger in bed, surely a tiger that I would love to pleasure and make PURRRRR !
8 years ago 
Reyna is one of my all time favorite Score models. Every set featuring Reyna is arousing and this set may be the best ever. As impressive as her tits are, there is no way I can imagine ever ignoring her mouth-watering pussy or her spectacular ass for that matter. She would never have to remind me to get to work down there. She might have to pry me loose with a crowbar.
8 years ago 
You look hot Reyna!!! Big milky white tits, and "come hither" eyes... mmm very nice :)
8 years ago 
I've seen a girl like Reyna before. My buddies made some kinda rude comment,
but I was too busy fighting the emerging hardon and drooling over the busty
redhaired honey to notice what they said. And worse, the jerks scared her off.
Reyna "you GO Girl!"
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