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Back & Better Than Ever

Featuring: Renee Ross
Date: June 11th, 2015
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It's always big news when a TSG model returns to the fold. Diane Poppos. Valory Irene. Angela White. Natalie Fiore. And now, one of XL Girls' and V-mag's most popular dreamgirls and a two-time Model of the Year winner returns, Renee Ross! It seems like we dreamt the whole thing but it's real. Renee is back. She looks beautiful. In this pictorial and matching video, we give Renee the Miami experience: sun, a tropical setting and a swimming pool. And we wanted to see her lush body in a bikini and her huge tits dripping with water.

What Members are saying about this update...

July 09, 2015
Am sure most of us wanna see graphic pix of asshole. & close up nips & pussy. If not u can always flick past?
Love the woman, the whole of her. Celebrate in the majesty & magnificence of womanhood, the hole of her. Especially the BBW, i.e. real woman, as the creater above (whoever She may be) intended.
June 28, 2015
The gorgeous legend, we are a lucky group. As beautiful as ever. I hope she shot a whole new cache with TSG and you all will be revealing them over time. It never fails that when these astounding models return, such as Renee, they are hotter than ever. Thanks for the return babe!!
June 19, 2015
I want to fuck her sooooo bad. Gorgeous!
June 16, 2015
You look amazing Renee! Keep the updates coming!
June 12, 2015
So. Fucking. BEAUTIFUL!!!!
June 12, 2015
Fuuuuuccckkk Mmeeeeee she looks great!

We make her feel good? Oh my.... What you do to us! (ME!)

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