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Who's The Boss?

Renee Ross is! That's who the boss is. And what a boss. Why, all of you would be more than happy to serve under her. And on top of her. And to her side. Renee runs a happy ship. And why not? Her employees get to see her bouncing to the office every morning, and bouncing back to her car when the work day is over. The janitor is known to sniff her chair at night. Businessmen across the street spy on her with binoculars, obviously to learn her trade secrets. If more girls built and looking like Renee Ross ran America's businesses: the banks, the insurance companies, the health care industry and manufacturing, the economy would be in great shape.
Featuring: Renee Ross
Date: September 6th, 2011
Duration: 53

Member Comments

1 year ago 
One of the most beautiful & hottest model I ever seen. Please bring her back. Thanks
3 years ago 
this shoot is killer. I love the MILFY animal print wardrobe and many of the poses are classic: 10, with tits spilling while lifting the skirt and a vixen expression?? 34 and 37 with the ass up legs spread big wet delicious pussy show??...killin' me...49 with the massive side boobage spill fest dildo backside and a unique expression??..cum on, unfair, now my cock is a drooling hound at bay...gorgeous model and shoot
5 years ago 
Renee Ross is just way too sexy! I love this hot curvy babe.
6 years ago 
Can I please come work for Renee Ross? This woman is so freakin hot! I cannot think of
a word in the english language that adequately describes how beautiful and perfect her
body. You're my dream girl, Renee!!!
6 years ago 
Talk about job motivation....Her employees pay HER to allow them to work for her.
6 years ago 
You have a very inviting smile Renee which is important as a nurse.So if you were the boss it would'nt take much for one of your employees to come into or onto you!
your office of course.
6 years ago 
Renee is drop dead gorgeous. There is no other way to put it. I am so grateful that you are able to continually coax her into posing for SG. Renee is America's sweetheart!
6 years ago 
Never Wanted To Be Called Into the Bosses Office Sooooooo Badly in My Life
6 years ago 
Oh Renee.. you are so hot. I want some.... you make me so hard...
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