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Never Enough Renee. So Here's Two

Renee Ross shops at Lane Bryant for bras. Here, she tries on different bras and the sectioned mirror adds a special dimension to the shoot. "That store Lane Bryant always has what I need, online," said Renee who made a comeback in 2015 when she found enough time from her nursing job. "They make everything. Every now and again, I will find something in the store but it is really time-consuming to look through the shelves and try and find something. "I used to wear underwire and then I switched to the ones that were all cloth and now, I am back to wearing underwire again. I switched back. I just like it cause it gives me more back support and that's important. I mean, sometimes underwire hurts, but I will take back support over that." Renee's beautiful chest precedes her. "My boobs call a lot of attention to me, but I just ignore it.
Featuring: Renee Ross
Date: June 26th, 2017
Duration: 85

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1 year ago 
Renee Ross+ Spiky Black Heels + a room full of mirrors so I don't miss an inch of her lucious curves = pure man heaven.
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