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Test-Driving Porsche

Featuring Porsche Dali
Date November 19th, 2013
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"I love watching myself have sex," Porsche Dali said. "I really get into masturbating when I'm watching myself fuck someone on screen. I am a very visual person and watching a hard cock pound my pussy gives me a screaming orgasm!" Porsche is Mr. Stone's fuck toy here; submissive and docile. Porsche is learning new fuck positions every day and improving her sex skills in her goal to be a famous hardcore movie star in the big girl league. XL Girls like Porsche usually need a bigger fuck-mate who can dominate and control them. Porsche finds that in Stone, a man who likes to position his sex dates like love dolls for his pleasure and knows how to show the girls off best on-camera. Porsche gets warmed up for dick submersion. She needs a tongue job. She lays back on the bed and spreads her legs open for his tongue to lick her pussy-hole.

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