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Boom Boom In The Private Room

The second half of 2010 was a fertile one at XLGirls (no, no one got pregnant) and newcomer Porsche Dali is one the upcoming generation that looks to make the near future a rockin' time. She's back and quick for her second drill fest by cock and Porsche looks as eager as she did the first time to taste cock on her tongue and be filled to the brim in her bald box. We're looking forward to see her spritzed with seed. She's a cum lover. Now about those nipples of hers. "About a year ago, I got both my nipples pierced," says Porsche, who is happy to pull them out when she talks about them. "Ever since then, I try to go without a bra. It is so tantalizing to know that when people look at you, they can see the outline of my piercing. The one place I never wear a bra is at home. I love having easy access to play with my nipples!" So does the fuck friend in this XLGirls scene! Next: the video "Boom Boom In The Private Room.".
Featuring: Porsche Dali and Shaggy
Date: January 13th, 2011
Duration: 94

Member Comments

7 years ago 
Dear Porsche: I love your sweet face and gorgeous curves. Thank you for your comments. You are a beautiful, blonde goddess!
7 years ago 
Hey Loves!

You guys absolutely blow my mind! I love reading your comments! You make me so happy and make me want to bring you more quality, hardcore videos and pics! I hope to be back soon!


Porsche Dali
7 years ago 
Porsche rides again eh? awesome. She is definately hot and worth a 2nd fuck..or more hot. love the hair as well
7 years ago 
She'S so hot! I would like to see more of here, please!
7 years ago 
Wow! That was freaking awesome! If I won a Scoreland contest and the prize was that I could choose any Scoreland model to fuck, I think I would choose Porsche. This woman seriously turns me on. Her thighs are heavenly. This set is terrific. I really like the outfit she is wearing at the beginning and the first 5 photos are as good as and probably better than the first 5 photos of any other photo set I have ever seen on Scoreland.
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