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Cumming Back For Seconds

Nikki Armand. The kind of woman who doesn't dress like a sex bomb and flaunt her tits every day of the week. (Tits flaunting is actually a virtue, a message that more girls should take to heart.) Nikki's the kind of woman you'd see pushing a cart at the supermarket or working at a bank taking your deposit. The kind of woman you'd probably never guess would be taking another kind of deposit at XL Girls. But they're out there and our goal is to find them and invite them to try big girl modeling. Football fan Nikki, a New York Giants & Pittsburgh Steelers fan, has no kinky fantasies but she does have a wild streak and she expressed that wild side at our castle of cleavage and cans. Nikki gets facialed after the couple do their squat thrusts and lateral lunges. Sperm makes an excellent skin cream, at least that's what the scientists we bribed state in their published papers. That Nikki could handle Largo is impressive enough. Because Nikki is a WND (woman-next-door), the kind you see every day, and a very nice one at that, not a professional porn star, Largo was disappointed that she didn't make him a snack after he came in her mouth.
Featuring: Nikki Armand and Juan Largo
Date: March 14th, 2018
Duration: 50
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