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Thick Chicks On Dicks

Featuring: Monique L'Amour
Date: September 7th, 2015
Photos: 50
Monique L'Amour loves having her nipples sucked and licked, pinched and pulled. The flood of hormones from being suckled gets her horny for Tony's bloated schwanz. She opens her pussy with one hand and sucks on his cock while squeezing on his bloated balls, getting him hard so he can enter her. She swallows his sausage hands-free while using both hands to rub her pussy lips, opening her quickly wetting pink snatch-hole wider. Using her plump tits to get him rock hard, she gets a licking that lubes her cunt for fast penetration. Tony drives it home and Monique gasps as the thrusting begins. This is a great P.O.V. scene from Thick Chicks On Dicks. Monique is noisy, passionate and super-horny.

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