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The Super-Stacked Secretary

Here is every T&A man's dream secretary personified in the flesh by the great Micky Bells, a goddess in every way. We have never seen a real secretary who looks like this. Micky's body is insanely hot and busty. Her face and her entire body are gorgeous. She is the total package. It's impossible to understand why Micky is not rated a five of five by XLGirls' members but some things in life are not always understood. And Micky is literally one out of millions of women. Luckily, Micky decided to become a model, starting with a web-cam. "Sometimes a man cannot help it and he just cums on my breasts," Micky said. "Sometimes they want to see their cum on my breasts.
Featuring: Micky Bells
Date: October 15th, 2013
Duration: 90

Member Comments

1 month ago 
@Maddien, Agreed!!
3 years ago 
I really like to say that Micky is a gem, she defines the ancient concept "Female form is the nature's finest sculpture". Great masters in painting and sculpture spent all their life trying to understand the secrets behind the female form beauty. In those days they had to do it very carefully because nudity was not accepted totally. I must say every inch of Micky's body it is just the beauty of female form unveiled to our very eyes. I imagine this stunning voluptuous girl in one of my life drawing classrooms. I will draw every single detail of her precious body, until I capture just a fraction of her entire beauty. This is the reason I would like to ask SCORE to please film this stunning beauties in her entire form, full body camera shots, eye leveled, longer shots not zoom in while she is standing full nude, she will rotate and show her entire body form in every side view. Once she finished rotating slowly then close ups and lower and higher eye level angle shots will be just a compliment to the whole entire body shots. That is just a vision of paradise.
4 years ago 
micky lovely. thank you
4 years ago 
How cute does Micky look in those glasses? These last 2 photo sets of Micky have been the best to date.
4 years ago 
You just have love the tits of Micky! So full, and just ready to be sucked, and put my head in between each one to slap back and forth!! So Hot, keep her cumming!
4 years ago 
Micky, those glasses are very sexy. I donĀ“t mind if you had left them on.
4 years ago 
Wow! Absolutely awesome. Micky gets sexier and sexier with the years and the few extra pounds she has put on, Loved the outfit too. She is so cute and so hot at the same time, I could take her home forever
4 years ago 
Absolute goddess!!
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