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Is Micky Bells the all-time tit goddess of Europe? The size and shape of her breasts are mind-blowing and everything else about her is supernatural. You just can't take a bad picture of this amazing girl. "I started off with no boobs," Micky remembered. "I looked like a little boy! I think you call that flat? Then suddenly in one year, I was an E-cup. It was a very fast change. It was very hard to get used to having big boobs all of a sudden and being so young. It was hard because at that time, boys that were my age were very childish. They would tease me about having such big boobs. Kids can be very cruel. It made me very self-conscious about them." "I would hide them as best as I could.
Featuring: Micky Bells
Date: July 9th, 2013
Duration: 80

Member Comments

4 years ago 
Ultimate tit Queen?
Maybe.The size of her
breasts and ass are
trully amazing.The
word wow get entering
my head.Average face (
no problem with that)
lovely reddish hair and
an amazing top ten
body.I love to see her
with a black guy.Im
4 years ago 
micky rules score. keep it coming
4 years ago 
micky rules score. keep it coming
4 years ago 
This woman is an absolute miracle. Like Sapphire, she has amazing breasts that just keep getting bigger and more beautiful.
4 years ago 
Best Micky set ever!
4 years ago 
thank you for micky and all the rest of the beautifu, wwemen of the past I hope you let me be a member in the future when things get better. thank you again. toolbox 1009
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