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Baby Got Rack

Michelle May's one of the best new babes in recent months. She models here for a lark and has a regular career in another profession so we hope she sticks around for a few years. She has an amazing rack. But we take nothing and no one for granted. What kind of guys does Michelle enjoy being with? "Military men and men in uniform usually like to take charge of the situation," says Michelle. "They are so on-task and they take control and I love that. I love to be with a man who can just call the shots and be the one who says what is going to happen. Giving up my control to someone like that is very hot. I like cops and military men and uniforms. And those uniforms usually come with something that can be used to tie you up with.
Featuring: Michelle May
Date: February 8th, 2010
Duration: 69

Member Comments

5 years ago 
hot tall chick. wanna spread those long legs apart and eat that fine pussy.
6 years ago 
6 years ago 
I can't stand it. Michelle is so stunning. I pretty much crumble looking at her stunning hot. She is one of my faves for sure. I love all the photos but I so dig the first tweleve as she is shedding the clothing. It turns me on to see such a stunning body still clothed and then later in the set, I get the goods and man, they are amazing. She is truly gorgeous and I lose my shit fantasizing about what it would be like to totally session with her. I am a big fan in NorCal.
7 years ago 
Wow. This woman is hot! More please!
7 years ago 
What a fantastic beauty!!!
8 years ago 
I like the original set of pictures better than these. All those scrunched up suggestive facial expressions. The red shirt is okay and the sandals are cool too!
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