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"My Eyes Are Up Here!"

"I don't really like the club scene these days," says Michelle May. Not to say she is a homebody either. "I am a little bit of a claustrophobic person and the clubs in California are so crowded. I just don't like to be crowded by a bunch of people and have them all over me. But I do dance around in my underwear at home a lot. I actually like to go to jazz bars. I think that jazz bars are great to go to when you are on a date. I like to just relax and listen to music and sip on a gin and tonic or a white Russian. I like to go places where you can go and have a conversation with someone. I hate the idea of having to yell at someone over loud music." Agreed.
Featuring: Michelle May
Date: June 16th, 2010
Duration: 62

Member Comments

6 years ago 
Michelle is so gorgeous it's silly. This is a very sexy photoset.
7 years ago 
Michelle is GORGEOUS!! I concour with ELI!
7 years ago 
Michelle really gets my motor runnin'. More please!
7 years ago 
Leave it to XL Girls to screw up another shoot of a gorgeous lady. What a shame you supposedly 'pros' lack so much in the way of presenting a model in her best light. You continue to try and 'glamour up' models who already are natural beauties. No additives needed. But, nooooo, you have to screw them up w/ 'your bias'. Thanks...
7 years ago 
Wow! That corset looks like it could pop open any second from Michelle's enormous breasts! What a Gorgeous pair she has.
7 years ago 
WOW!,Straight hair or curly,Michelle is definately a knockout gorgeous lady and she has such a beautiful face and eyes that her facial expressions could just melt your heart and one would probably always give in to her will,though she has a super body,please assure her there are men who notice the whole woman such as myself and PLEASE have her back for more --- if she will.
7 years ago 
Give your makeup person another raise.
And give Michelle to me!
(because she gave ME another raise - YOWZA!)
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