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Marilyn White Returns

Featuring: Marilyn White
Date: October 3rd, 2013
Photos: 50
Of course, you remember Marilyn White. She was a first-time model who worked in a porn store with an adjoining strip club. Not a lot of girls work behind the counter in adult shops (Violet Addams did) although that's changing. Marilyn talked about her job in her first video before she showed us what she's made of. Marilyn thought about it, but hadn't climbed the pole to stripsville, even though her customers would chat with her (read: "beg her") about wanting to see her try it. But hey, guess what? Marilyn did make that move to big titty dancer city and she's been doing it for about a year. Check out some of her moves in her new video. She must have the biggest tits in that club. Working in an adult store, Marilyn got to watch a lot of porn. "Sometimes I watch porn and masturbate.

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October 09, 2013
OMG! Marilyn is a modern day pagan goddess. The photography and poses in this set are true art. Marilyn connects with the camera and the viewers as few models can. I am so happy and excited that your brought her back!
October 07, 2013
Welcome back, Marilyn White
October 04, 2013
So glad to see her back, just a shame her nipples
are no longer bejewelled. Because that was mega
October 04, 2013
So Great to see Marilyn back!! She has some sexy curves!! Such a kissable pussy, and the ass you want to bend over but at the same time can't decide if you it on top of you... so sexy!!

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