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The Ultra-breast Music Fest

The best compliment doe-eyed Marilyn Mayson ever got was from a guy who said that she's "the Beyonce of BBWs." "I'm a pleaser," said Marilyn who's our DJ in this XL Girls scene, The Ultra-breast Music Fest. "I know what people want without them having to ask. Sex on a first date? Always. I just can't help myself. I'm super-submissive to what a guy wants." Marilyn does web-cam and we found her because of that. "There can be anywhere from 50 to 100 guys watching me. What I like to do is ask them to tell me--if they don't mind--when they're cumming and where. So I have a bunch of guys telling me, 'I just came on your tits.' 'I just came in your pussy.' 'I just came in your mouth.' And I'm like, 'yeah!' I kinda get off on that." .
Featuring: Marilyn Mayson
Date: February 4th, 2016
Duration: 71

Member Comments

2 years ago 
So beautiful!
2 years ago 
Here is the best of the best. Here is the total package.
No model can better what MM has.
I just wish the site would give us more close ups. I want to see every inch of her in minute detail, because what she has can never be surpassed. What eyes! What a face! What hair! What a body!
I have pix of her with cream oozing then spraying from her perfect nips, I'd love to see cream oozing from her cervix down her cunny, then warm champagne spraying from her top hole. After a face & mouth full of that, I'd never want to wash or drink ever again!!
2 years ago 
I'd love a threesome with the mistress of the dark! Hehehe

Happy wanking, naughty boys!
2 years ago 
Welcome back Marilyn! Very sexy mouth and body.
2 years ago 
What a body, but I have to say I LOVE that huge tattoo of Elvira on her left arm! Marilyn, I want to cum inside that pretty pussy while squeezing those beautiful breasts and staring at the image of Elvira on your arm.
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