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A Strapping Lass

Featuring: Lucy
Date: July 2nd, 2010
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Lucy returns for another bra-shredding romp on the bed, one many have been waiting for. A lingerie and swimwear model, and an actress, a musician, a singer and a dancer, as well as a nude model, Lucy is the kind of strapping fair-skinned redhead (5'9" and 157 lbs.) that guys love. A true Renaissance girl. Those are smothering, sink-into boobs, creamy, milky and soft. The kind of girl that wandering ministrels babble about by babbling brooks in green woods. Consider Lucy nothing less than a Celtic goddess. Picture yourself laying prone on a bed and then her doing a bellyflopping dive right on top of you. That'll cure your stiff back, all right.

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September 10, 2010
I absolutely love a beautiful redhead and Lucy is gorguous,I love her face, long legs and overall beautiful body.Great photo shoot.The shot with Lucy on her back,feet in the air makes me wish I could just get right there between her legs,go down on her and then fuck like rabbits.Tell Lucy to keep smileing, she is radiant.

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