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Best Breasts In The Mid-West

Featuring: Lilith
Date: June 15th, 2009
Photos: 50
"I've never walked down the street and caused a traffic accident. Guys have asked me that before. I do get wolf whistles and comments but I think most girls with big tits get that. The worst pickup line I've ever heard. One time this man in a club I was dancing in--he was like a total redneck--said, 'Why don't we go back to my pickup truck and you can give me a blowjob!' Ugh! Go away! My favorite way to satisfy a guy in bed? Regular sex. And I like titty fucking. That's what you guys call it, right? It turns me on to watch it more than anything. Sometimes I've urged a guy to do it. 'Fuck my tits. Fuck them,' I'd say.

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