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Sexy Lexi

Featuring: Lexi Windsor
Date: June 7th, 2010
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"I'm a jeans and tank top kind of girl, and I don't wear too much makeup," says Lexi Windsor, an exotic dancer. "I'm just your average girl who likes to watch movies and hang out at coffee shops..until you get me in the bedroom. My sexual fantasies and preferences aren't quite so average. I have a lingerie fetish and used to buy scads of them before I even became a dancer. I have to wear a bra because my boobs are so heavy. I don't always wear one at work because they can be hard to get out of. I like to have sex whenever I feel like it and I'm not too busy. I really like having a guy go down on me if he is really good at it. I masturbate a lot too with lots of toys and lubes. It's quick, easy and there's less to clean up.

What Members are saying about this update...

January 28, 2015
Sweet beautiful woman with lovely sensuous breasts and well shaped nipples.
Porn Star
January 05, 2014
Please bring back... whatever it takes!!! She is so sexy, her fans need more!!!
January 26, 2012 You HAVE to get her to do an encore! another VIDEO! I'm salivating here,
and it's not pretty. Somebody help me and give me more Lexi!
March 08, 2011
Sweet face, heavenly smile and the most kissable breasts. Such a treat!
August 07, 2010
I love Lexi's big nipples and her boobs are like teardrop headlamps---and I get caught up in 'em more Lexi please
June 15, 2010
I have been waiting to see more of Lexi ever since her first post, THANKS !!!!

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