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"My Tits Are Okay!"

"I am 19, so this is the first time that I am able to do anything like this. So, I am totally excited about it," Lexi told us. "I was never a dancer. I turned 18 and just started modeling. You know, I have had a lot of people say that my tits are great, but then again, a lot of guys think my tits are okay and then just go straight for my ass. It really depends on what they like. I think it's what they enjoy. My breasts are big and all, but they are not really that sensitive. I like that they are not that sensitive because I actually like to have them played with and pulled on really roughly. I like them pinched and even bitten, so if they were too sensitive I think that I would be less into nipple play." .
Featuring: Lexi Summers
Date: December 13th, 2010
Duration: 75

Member Comments

7 years ago 
Pleasant girl, not special in any given body part, but a nice overall package, especially in her profile shots, like #73, which presents a good view of her tummy, makes you want to run your hands over it. #74 is also an attractive shot, I like the way she's leaning back and presenting her breasts, like on a shelf. #27 is a very good shot, good sexual tension there, invites you in.

#60 is a relaxed pussy shot we don't see enough off, legs parted but the outer lips not cracked. All the holding open and most of the dildo shots (#65 is nice) don't interest me, too . . . meaty. I didn't save any shots where her bottom was parted, too dark in there. If I was going to shoot a set of Lexi I'd like to see her in a negligee or lingerie, and I would concentrate on fleshy shots, buns wrapped in sheer fabric, breast and tummy play, and would avoid the insides of her bottom and vag. Those are her least attractive features. Not every girl looks great split open.
7 years ago 
wow such a beautiful girl!
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