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"I like it when a guy makes the first move on me," says Lexi Summers. Girls don't cum any cuter than this Texas transplant. "Guys hit on me a lot. It makes it very, very hard for me to find a boyfriend just because I get bored so fast and I am always meeting new guys. I like a challenge, though. Confidence is very sexy to me. I think it's important for a guy to be very assertive." "I have had a lot of people say that my tits are great, but then again, a lot of guys think my tits are okay and then just go straight for my ass. It really depends on what they like. I think it's what they enjoy." "I think that I am more aggressive with men and with women I am more passionate. It's a lot more kissing and passion.
Featuring: Lexi Summers
Date: April 22nd, 2013
Duration: 60

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5 years ago 
absolutely gorgeous....................... yum
5 years ago 
Very sexy! Would love a
solo video of Lexi! Keep
her cummin'!
5 years ago 
A beauty queen for me.
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