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Peaks of Perfection

Featuring: Kristina Milan
Date: August 6th, 2012
Photos: 70
Veteran TSG man R.N. loves Kristina Milan who meets his standard of perfection, "There are four things that I look for in a pair of tits, and Kristina's have just the right blend of all four to get me up and off several times in the course of one evening," R.N. tells us. "First, they are huge, but of course Kristina shares that with all of your models. Second, Kristina has larger and darker areolae than most models. Third, her tits hang straight down in a delightful way even when she is standing. Other models have to get on their hands and knees or on their elbows and knees to get their boobs to hang straight down like that. And fourth (here's where I have a hard time finding the right word, so I'll just say), Kristina's nipples are 'perky.' Perhaps the editor can give me a more adequate word to express the pleasure Kristina's nipples give me." Perhaps nirvana is the right word! .

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December 04, 2015
What a set of mind blowing tits!!
August 15, 2012
Kristina is a top model for me. I can't begin to praise her enough, she is an absolute dream that is so painfully sexy, hot and pretty. Her face and body are forces to be reckoned with and their visceral beauty and sex appeal make my cock bolt upright instantly. I so hope she does more with TSG and definitely hope that the mega trio of Kristina, Vanessa and Miosotis are brought together for a DVD of epic proprtions. She is stunning and these photos express this to a T.
August 07, 2012
Large-Breasted Goddess
August 07, 2012
my lovely..crazy
August 06, 2012
Seriously - I mean I am serious - I am pretty sure Kristina is supposed to marry me!
August 06, 2012
Kristina Milan = perfection.

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