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Kristina Milan » Boobs To The Brim!

Boobs To The Brim!
Kristina Milan gives Miosotis a run for her money, at least in the swollen jugs department. Face it. No man, no self-respecting tit-man, would turn down a shot at either of them unless he had a wife who owned a gun. "Kristina is beautiful and mind boggling!" says S.C. "I don't think I have ever been so mesmerized by a set of jugs. To be honest, the whole package is stunning. She's beautiful, and has all the right curves. I commend you, XLGirls, for finding this one," comments Happy Dude. "Every one of her sets is amazing," John Boi shouts. "Does it get any better than this beautiful girl?" Eli asks and rightfully so. "I don't think so. Kristina is so fucking gorgeous, I would do anything to have this girl just fucking me silly. What a beautiful XL Girl. I wish I could be the lucky man to pleasure her in bed. I need to vacation in the D.R. and if only I could be so lucky to meet a girl like Kristina." K.H. says "She never, ever smiled on other sites I've seen her on. And I don't mean 'never smiled' in that sultry way that Ashley Sage doesn't smile. I mean Kristina never smiled and looked miserable." And Bill says it all: "I could just lose myself in those boobs."
Featuring: Kristina Milan in 56 hi-res Solo photos.
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Latest Comments
  • WOW: "I'll drink that Dominican brown sugar tittle mi …"
  • stealt: "The Nicest looking and Most Voluptous Model Tha …"
  • Brad: "Kristina's magnificent brown curves are so swee …"
  • Big Ke: "More...More..Gawd..More!!! …"
  • winter: "This is an absolutely gorgeous photoset. Krist …"
  • PIRRO0: "hello u re so beautiful among dem all,ur tits,a …"
  • HappyD: "Kristina is udderly fantastic. Her solo sets ar …"
  • JET: "those beautiful, enourmous tits rest atop that …"
Member Comments

8 Member Comments
Added on 11/16/2013 10:20am
I'll drink that Dominican brown sugar tittle milk everyday!
Added on 03/02/2012 12:57am
The Nicest looking and Most Voluptous Model That Score has ever seen.
Added on 01/26/2012 5:07am
Kristina's magnificent brown curves are so sweet and fat. Fuck she is such a Goddess in need of worship!
Big Kev
Added on 10/26/2011 4:32am
Added on 08/22/2011 11:22pm
This is an absolutely gorgeous photoset. Kristina is SO hot it kills me. The Busty Brown Sugar DVD maked me swoon and pretty much cum like crazy...she is so hot!
Added on 05/16/2011 4:55am
hello u re so beautiful among dem all,ur tits,ass and boobs make me shake everyday, i need 2 hook up wit u,i dnt mine u ,i want 2 hav really sex wit uuuuuuuuu please kindly allow me............i really love uuuuuuu kip it up.
Added on 05/14/2011 2:48pm
Kristina is udderly fantastic. Her solo sets are just as hot as her XXX sets. With each set she comes more into her own, which tells me she's got what it takes to become a legend. More please.
Added on 05/10/2011 6:33pm
those beautiful, enourmous tits rest atop that big belly.....add her skin tone, her face and that lush ass.she makes me shake allover...i nearly came just looking at her!
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Members' Latest Comments
  • sami: "Easily the best new find in months. Beautiful young skin unspoiled by tattoos and mou …"
  • DARN: "Please please please bring her and more women like her to the site. Perfection. …"
  • Anonym: "One of those girls that is the total package. …"
  • Anonym: "Pretty girl. I'd like to see more of her. Better body shots with no hands or clothes …"
  • PeterP: "She is really great! …"
  • Robert: "Wow! She is ravishing! One of the best discoveries of the year so far and from now my …"
  • Rhah1: "Very Nice!! Very Sexy!! Can't wait for more!! …"
  • mkydal: "Absolutely beautiful. …"
  • lenny: "Scarlett is amazing! we need a lot more of her as soon as possible. …"
  • lenny: "Simply amazing! …"
  • Jammer: "Lovely lady very nice beauty from top to bottom. Her body has the thickness in all …"
  • Charle: "Nerds are so sexy, man …"
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