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Sex Kitten

Featuring: Kitty McPherson
Date: August 5th, 2015
Photos: 60
It's male domination and female submission time with a little light bondage thrown in for Ms. Kitty McPherson as she and JMac ride the sexpress train to kinky town. Kitty's fetish outfit looks like a sexed-up version of Spider Woman. JMac slaps her phat, creamy ass and heavy-hanging big tits with hands and a strap to show Kitty she's his little fuck toy for the afternoon. Instead of hitting JMac with her ukulele, Kitty is willing and happy to give her new boss what he wants and be his submissive baby doll. She's putty for his hands and his commands. Being bad makes Kitty feel good. After smacking Kitty's butt and boobs with his palms and a strap, JMac wraps a collar around her neck and fucks Kitty's throat, then leads her over to the couch and then the floor to drill her dizzy until she's completely dick-drunk. Kitty's actually a good girl. "People are always surprised at how nice I am, how much I genuinely care about other people," says Kitty.

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August 06, 2015
Here is the best model in XLs significantly impressive current list.
Here is the best make up she's ever worn in an XL pictorial.
Here is what makes this one of her best sets for me - see the pics where she is awaiting/receiving piledriver.... the darker skin tone tanning around her crotch area, which is caused over years of her glorious beautiful fat pads pushing & rubbing together as she walks, sits, lays. It would feel so soft, smell of musky sex personified with my cheeks pressing on it whilst my tongue is deep in her vagina. Phew!
The same skin tone changes are also seen under her breasts. & that's as good as any can be.
Is it me or do the first dozen or so pix make it look like she has gained a tad of weight?...hope so
KM.....come back soon. ur the best, bar none.
August 06, 2015
Kitty has become one of my favorites at XL Girls . . . perfect bod, perfect attitude, smart and sexy . . . Please continue to bring her back as often as she'll pose and perform!

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