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Plumper At Work

Featuring: Kimmie Kaboom
Date: February 10th, 2015
Photos: 55
Kimmie Kaboom is more than a pretty face. More than a sexy body. More than a model. Kimmie is an auto mechanic and in the video, Kimmie talks about her job and background in cars. She's the first model we know who does this line of work. "I'm a muscle car kinda chick. I love speed. When I'm not playing a porn star or pin-up model, I really like to work on cars, rebuild them and meet friends at the local car meetings." "When I go out on dates, I love going to car shows or just driving around town in my husband's street car late at night. Anything that ends in some really great sex before bedtime." "I really like having sex in a public place. When me and my husband started out dating, we would have sex in his truck in a Bed, Bath & Beyond parking lot during normal shopping hours in the daytime.

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June 03, 2016
What a great woman. This is how a real woman should look like. She has got everything a man can dream about
March 08, 2015
I have DIED and gone to HEAVEN-FAT WOMEN ARE THE MOST PERFECT WOMAN ON THE ENTIRE PLANET!!! Kimmie is HEEEAVEN on EARTH PERFECT!!! She IS SOOO GORGEOUS, this set is making me LOSE MY MIND, I am panting like a dog as my cock THROBBS FOR HER!!! I'm sad to see she has a husband, I would DO AAANYTHING ON EARTH TO MARRY THAT WOMAN!!! Kimmie is THE most BEAUTIFUL WOMAN I have EVER SEEN ON EARTH!!! I LOOOOVE her DREAM SMOOTH SHAVED PUSSY, I have to disagree with Maverick CONSIDERABLEY-I LOOOVE SEEEING her DREAM PUSSY SPREAD OPEN AND WIDE!!! Her pussy is a three time treat-you can see her DREAM PUSSY LIPS, her GORGEOUS CLIT and HER DREAM HEAVEN BEAUTIFUL PEE HOLE-I can just imagine drinking all her DREAM PEE from her HEAVEN HOLE, it's a double surprise seeing her DREAM PUSSY OPEN and then SEEING her PEE HOLE SOOO WIDE OPEN!!! I LOVE seeing her DREAM PEE HOLE, I can just imagine her peeing a DREAM STREAM!!! I want more than AAANYTHING to DEVOUR THAT PUSSY and ENVELOPE HER HEAVEN SCENT!!! I would give aaanything on earth to lick her dream bald pussy from behind and bury my nose in her dream heaven asshole and inhale her scent!!!
February 16, 2015
Kimmie My Love !!

This is the best photo set of you on XLGirls ever and very naughty you to spread your legs wide in Photos 31 through 40... showing us your lovely pair of thunder thighs and a plump, juicy pussy perched between those !!.

I only wish you had not rested your fingers on your pussy lips in the photos 31 to 40 and not opened them.....

I always wished to see you in this seated pose... with your legs spread wide and i always longed for a show of your plump, juicy and fleshy " pussy lips closed " position.

You got such a big, lovely cunt Darling and i want you to be seated on a reclining chair next time, seated outdoors by the poolside and give us a generous, sumptuous show of your big cunt... without laying a finger on it. You can give us this "closed pussy up" display with your legs spread wide and your legs resting on the chair armrests...

Next, you should allow a man to explore your cunt with his mouth and with his fingers, with you moaning and groaning in absolute pleasure !!.

Two fuck rounds with two more handsome hunks remaining... Rocky and J-Mac !!.

Love ya, baby !!!
February 10, 2015
Kimmie Kaboom is incredible, but I would rather see her in the bedroom than the garage. You can't spread properly on an uncomfortable bench!

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