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Maxximum Tits

Featuring: Kelli Maxx
Date: October 20th, 2014
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What makes Kelli Maxx extra horny? Kelli: "Massages. Getting a man or a woman to squeeze my bum or upper thighs immediately turns me on." What was the best and the worst compliments you've heard? Kelli: "I receive amazing compliments all the time. I can't just pick one. The worst is when I get told I'm beautiful 'for a big girl.' C'mon! Weight doesn't define beauty, men!" What's the best thing for a guy to do in your company? Kelli: "Make me laugh hysterically and treat me with respect." What are your best personal traits? Kelli: "Definitely my humor, I think I'm pretty funny and I think I do a good job of making my friends laugh. Physically..well, the obvious, my boobs and my eyes." You see a guy and you're attracted to him. What happens? Kelli: "I'm so shy I'll keep staring until he comes over to me! If he doesn't, well, I'll strut my curvy body over to him!".

What Members are saying about this update...

October 23, 2014
A truly perfectly shaped body. Wow, Kelly Maxx you are beautiful, doll. Not for a big girl, not for any kind of girl, just simply amazing.
October 21, 2014
God , , , what a beauty she is.

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