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Built For Comfort

Events coordinator Karlee Adams was recommended to us by a friend always on the lookout for hot babes. "During the day, I dress professionally but sexy. Skirts and heels, tight jeans, low-cut tops and heels. I usually always wear a bra," Karlee says. Karlee is a NASCAR fan, and likes to travel, shop and practice archery. She's done a pretty good job of shooting a big-boobed, big-assed arrow into our hearts. Her sexual fantasy is to "be part of a threesome with two bi men." The first time she had sex, she was 20. Fairly late these days but better late than later. "It was with a good friend," said Karlee. "It wasn't all that great.
Featuring: Karlee Adams
Date: October 24th, 2012
Duration: 75

Member Comments

Karlee is so beautiful.
She is built exactly like
a bbw should be. I can
never get enough of
that belly. I love how
deep the hole for her
belly button is.
Karlee is beyond beautiful. In fact she is as beautiful a woman as these old eyes have ever been given the privilege of viewing. I thank her for sharing her charms.
Karlee looks absolutely stunning, no doubt about that.
again-great to see such a great bbw return for another set. just wanna bury myself in that plush body.
She's really sexy! One of my favorite woman :-)
Karlee is hot. I'd loved to see her in stocking and garters!
Yet another spectacular photo set. Karlee looks absolutely stunning in this outfit. It is so sexy, I was reluctant to see her remove it. Karlee looks much better in this set than her first which I attribute to her spending less time in the tanning booth than before. I would really like to see her in her natural state without the deep tan. By the end of this set I wanted to go down on her really bad. What an awesomely sexy woman!
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