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Here at XL Girls, we're more into big titty parties than tea parties. But if a girl like the lovable, busty Kamryn Monroe is inviting us, we'll gladly sip on a spot of tea with her. A Massachusetts native, Kamryn looks sexy and at ease at this, our very first Boston Big-Tit Tea Party. If she's in the mood for something sweet, we'd even be kind enough to drop several heavy helpings of man-cream into her brew. It's surprising to hear that Kamryn considers herself a bit of a tomboy. She has two younger brothers whom she enjoys playing video games with from time-to-time. "Yeah, I think I'm kind of a weird girl in that way," she said. "I hang out with my brothers and their friends all the time. I'm a guy's girl. I love video games, sports, you name it." She's also a very big fan of the National Football League's New England Patriots and never misses a game.
Featuring: Kamryn Monroe
Date: September 8th, 2014
Duration: 62

Member Comments

3 years ago 
I really like hair dark hair, pale skin contrast.......No annoying tan lines to mess up those fine curves!
3 years ago 
This is what a sexy female body SHOULD look like! So hot.
3 years ago 
Beautiful Kamryn Monroe.
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