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That Huge-Boobed Girl In The Hood

Featuring: Kamille Amora
Date: September 2nd, 2014
Photos: 74
Hoodies aren't typically what you think of when sexy, boob-flaunting tops come to mind. But when a girl has the looks, curves and I-cup naturals Kamille Amora has, she could throw anything on and be the hottest babe in the room. An extra-curvy stripper and cam-girl from Seattle, Kamille is accustomed to all eyes being on her. We're debating calling her an Eye-Cupper from now on because she draws so much attention. "I love it," Kamille said when asked how she feels about the attention she draws. "I use it to my advantage sometimes, too. My boobs have gotten me out of a few speeding tickets. I'm always in little halter tops and other low-cut tops. My boobs are my babies." Oh, how we'd love to take a bite out of those babies. Her babies have helped make Kamille one of our hottest, most-popular models of 2014, too.

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