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One Hit Wonders

Featuring: Joeena Juggs
Date: November 25th, 2014
Photos: 47
Joeena Juggs only modeled once at XL Girls. She seduced and abandoned us but never let 'em see ya cry is our philosophy. It was a shame to not shoot Joeena again and get a few more scenes. Win some, lose some, win some more. In any event, we move forward and keep the search going to find the best and hottest XL Girls. Joeena was paired with Talon for this video. Now Talon is the brother of famous TT Boy, the porn actor turned producer so ramming and slamming girls runs in the family. Talon really did pound the fucking hell out of Joeena and that's the kind of sex partner that's needed to get a really hot copulatory canoodling. We talked to Joeena after they fucked and came. "At first, I thought it would just be a job, but once I got in bed with my co-star, it was like, wow!" Joeena said.

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