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XL Girl Worships Black Cock

Featuring: Holly Jayde and Asante Stone
Date: February 12th, 2018
Photos: 55
Holly Jayde says she loves guys who appreciate her and who compliment her beauty. That's the kind of philosophy that's all good. Holly saddles up with a dude who greatly appreciates a girl with big tits, a big butt and big belly, and shows that appreciation with the gift of a hard dick and a big load of guy-cream. Mr. Asante Stone likes 'em sexy, squeezable and pretty. Chubby Holly more than punches that ticket. So we're sure this hot fuck scene with Holly Jayde, an interracial with a cream-pie finale, will rev up everyone's man-motor. Please show Holly Jayde some big love with a comment..because it's the gentlemanly XL thing to do.

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