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Brickhouse Brawds

Featuring: Gia Johnson and J.T.
Date: August 10th, 2015
Photos: 40
In the XL Girls DVD Brickhouse Brawds, sexy bartender Gia Johnson needs something to do. She's dressed for maximum attention but there are no crowds around to appreciate her and slip cash down her deep cleavage. JR is the only customer in the place on a dead afternoon and he's just hit the XL Girls lottery. He's the luckiest man alive to get his mitts on this beauty. Gia's Brickhouse Brawd body filling out her tight dress drives him crazy. A smiling Gia returns the attention. They get chummy. Tit-play chummy. She lets him suck and palm her twin peaks, enjoying his breast worship "I don't have time for games, and I'm not really looking for romance," Gia says. "If you want to get in me, just tell me.

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