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BBW Photos » Red, White and Boobs!

Red, White and Boobs!

Featuring: Dulcinea
Date: January 2nd, 2015
Photos: 63
Dulcinea says if she were a pastry, she would definitely be a cheesecake. "I find cheesecake to be savory," Dulcinea said. "Other cakes are kind of sweet right off the bat, but with cheesecake it gets better the more time you spend with it. I think I'm savory, too." Dulcinea makes a good point. She always makes our mouths water, and she looks more edible every time we see her. Our friend Carlos always has a healthy appetite, and he's about to take several big bites out of the extra-savory Dulcinea. And we get to watch. Which is not only fine with Dulcinea, it also turns her on. "I like exhibitionism," Dulcinea says. "I like being watched.

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