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Mammaries of Dors

Dors Feline caused a major pants-quake when she first came to prominence. An incredible body, a pretty face and a camera-ready sex appeal had everyone crazy. Some made too much of a big deal about her tattoos but most guys either accepted them or just didn't care. Wrote G.L. "I know some guys don't like it, but I am really digging your ladies with tattoos. Chicks with tattoos are hot! Please don't try to hide your models' tattoos with clothes or weird angles. I'm a fan, and I know there are more readers like me out there! For example, I think Dors Feline is hot as fuck!" Another fan wrote, "These Brit girls that you find are amazing. I just wonder why they don't like to spread their pussies. I think it's 'cause they know they're hot enough to get away with it. And they're right.
Featuring: Dors Feline
Date: April 18th, 2017
Duration: 90

Member Comments

5 days ago 
I'm not a big fan of tats on girls. But with tits like that, who cares about the ink.
1 year ago 
The side boob in pic 30 is amazing!
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