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Dors: Maker of Wood

"I get to take my clothes off," says cheeky, cheery, happy-go-lucky Dors when our interviewer asked what she likes best about modeling. Works for us! "The camera makes me feel sexy, makes me feel like pulling off my clothes." Dors does like getting dressed up first. She loves retro outfits, vintage clothes with a pin-up style and other very super-girly stuff. "Lacey underwear, corsets, basques, I love to wear them." Dors owns something like 20 brassieres. She has trouble finding the right ones that fit comfortably and give her heavy delights the right kind of support. Having a wife or girlfriend with this kind of problem is a breast fanatic's greatest goal. A 34KK up top, Dors has a surefire way of getting drinks fast in a packed pub. She simply rests her tits on the bar. Prompt service is a second away with this technique. This photo set of Dors was shot in Berlin, Germany.
Featuring: Dors Feline
Date: March 24th, 2011
Duration: 80

Member Comments

7 years ago 
Dors is absolutely beautiful!!!!
7 years ago 

I Would LOVE To See MORE Of Her PLEASE!!!... ;^p
7 years ago 
She's a hefty, curvy hottie!
7 years ago 
more tattoos than I would usually like.. but for Dors, they work!--she is sexy and beautiful. she can drop those tits on my face any day! I like the Dors & Jenna Valentine idea.
7 years ago 
She's perfect nice and sexy woman!
7 years ago 
FANTASTIC! PLEASE!!!!, make her a "regular". Besides her indescribable tits, don't forget her gorgeous butt!!
7 years ago 
I am ready to declare Dors the hottest model ever! Facially, she is perfection. I have never seen a more beautiful face. She has the face of an angel and the body of a devil. Her skin is also perfect. I just look at these photos and marvel at how incredible she is and how much fun it would be to be with her. I hope she models for you for a long time.
7 years ago 
i much preferred her with blonde hair - but those tits can sure stop traffic.
7 years ago 
my wife would love to fuck you Dors.
7 years ago 
Gorgeous. I think I'm in love with Dors Feline. Her face, body and ink is exquisite.
7 years ago 
OK, I'll now go against my stated opinions on tattoos. They seem to work for Dors especially with her dark hair and bangs. Tattoos usually seem to detract from their beauty, but this set they really appear to highlight Dors voluptuous body.
Maybe I'm just immune to them now! Thanks.
7 years ago 
7 years ago 
Wow I love her what a body, hey here's a thought ask Dors Feline and Jenna Valentine to do a shoot together that would be good.
7 years ago 
Well it's about time you show some pics. of Dors, I just love her creamy white skin and black hair, great tits & good booty too.
7 years ago 
FINALLY, a Dors photoset. What are you guys doing, making us wait so long since her video debut? :-)
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