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Hot Stripper From Ohio

Featuring: Destiny Rose
Date: May 12th, 2010
Photos: 84
Hot Ohio stripper Destiny Rose can't resist the power of huge tits herself. She told us a story about this chick she dances with at the club. "There is this one girl that I dance with at the club. She is busty and exotic looking and I love her. I swear that on any given night, when I am not working, I will go into the club and I will give her half of my money just on getting lap dances alone! That's the power of big boobies for you! I can't resist." But Destiny doesn't bring girls home. She prefers men. "I like to have sex on my couch. I know it sounds weird, but I like to tell a guy to sit down and then I like to sit down on his lap, kind of in reverse-cowgirl, and bounce up and down on his dick really fast. I think tit-fucking is hot. I will suck my nipples myself or let a guy suck them while I ride.I love to smack people in the face with them during dances..and sex." Atta girl, Destiny.

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June 22, 2010
I agree whole heartedly with Zach,Destiny is absolutely gorgeous from head to toe and if I lived near the club she dances in I'd be a regular and if I had a lap dance from her ? I'm fairly certain her scent would be out of this world and I'd probably cream my pants. YES ! Please bring her back.
May 25, 2010
There are tons of hot girls at Score but only a few of them really get me going like Destiny does. She is Gorgeous from head to toe & a feast for my eyes. I'd really love to be one of those lucky guys that gets to see her up close at the club she dances at but alas, I don't live in Ohio. Sigh..... Till than, i'll just keep drooling over her sexy body here so Please keep those new pix coming guys!

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