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Chubby Chaser

Featuring: Destiny Rose
Date: March 11th, 2010
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"I like to go after chubby and fat guys," sexy and Rubenesque Destiny Rose told an editor during an interview. Yes, you are looking at a true chubby chaser. A fat boy follower. "I like to chase chubbies. It's what I am into. I just like that there is more to hold on to. Bigger guys are just, well, bigger. I like that. They are cuddly and they are cute. I like it when a man has a big belly.

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December 01, 2014
What happened to opposite attracts?
August 08, 2010
Destiny is a stripper from Ohio and says she prefers a chubbier man and,likes to straddle a man on the couch.If it were somehow Destiny's destiny, she could ride me on the couch anytime and how could any man turn down such a beautiful girl,I know I couldn't and if Destiny ever comes to Fairbanks,Alaska to strip at Revelations,I will go to see this goddess in person.Please keep Destiny comming back--where and how does Score Group find such beautiful women ? I don't know but keep up the good work --this is why you are the best of the best .
May 25, 2010
Here I was just about to go on this strict diet to lose some extra pounds & than I come here & read that Destiny Rose (My fav Score babe) prefers chubby men. What will I do now? I know! I'll just stay chubby & hope/pray that this goddess & I will cross paths someday & that she'll be so enamored with my giant tummy that she takes me home to meet her mother. Well a guy can dream can't he? LOL Anyway, She can chase my chubbiness anytime!
April 18, 2010
perfect body!!!
March 31, 2010
March 24, 2010
man I'd eat her ass

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