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Behind The VIP Curtains

Charlie Cooper's in the house. Grab your cocks, forget your socks. The VIP room of Big Girl Strip Club, to pinpoint the exact location. This customer is about to get the lap dance ride of his life when Charlie plops her big f'ing tits over his junk and does the boob crush on it. Too bad there are no lap dance clubs in the real world that hire dancers as built and as sexy as Charlie. There are almost no strip clubs for guys who love voluptuously stacked ladies. You want skinny? No problem. Charlie isn't a stripper for real, just in big titty fantasies. In the real world, Miss Cooper's a CNA (certified nursing assistant). Good news, or maybe bad news, for old guys with hyperactive prostates.
Featuring: Charlie Cooper and Enzo Lorenzo
Date: March 5th, 2012
Duration: 60
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