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Chantal's Tits and Your Cock

Chantal Raye applied to and one look at the at-home shots the Carolina honey emailed our studio was all it took to welcome her aboard. She has a very pretty face. She's cute and has a great smile. It's difficult to say how long Chantal wants to model the naughty way. She may want to continue or this could be it, a lark instead of a full-time path. We don't know. Now Chantal says that when she meets a guy, she first looks at his feet. Feet? "Most women say a guy's stomach but I look at his feet. I like nice feet. I like a nice smile too." Chantal is not especially interested in feet here.
Featuring: Chantal Raye and Johnny Champ
Date: June 11th, 2013
Duration: 54
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