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Hardcore Pool Party

Featuring CJ Woods
Date February 4th, 2015
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The weather is frightful in most of the United States right now, but it's always fun in the sun in South Florida. Particularly when you're around a babe like CJ Woods. She's a Southern belle who hails from Kentucky, but she's bringing the heat to Miami this winter. And she's as hot as we've ever seen her in her white, see-through tee and skin-tight jean shorts. We wish we could claim every Miami pool party featured girls like CJ, but she's a rare breed. So of course, we had to take advantage and have our friend Tony Rubino pop her nookie in this backyard boogie. "I live to be worshipped by a man from head-to-toe," CJ told us. No worries there. Tony is as plumper-possessed as we are, and he knows how to handle a woman with a lot to love. You have to be rough but sensual for a girl like CJ.

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March 09, 2015
CJ is HEAVEN ON EARTH-oh my god I LOVE BBW'S, CJ is PAAARADISE ON EARTH PLUMP AND SO DREEEAM GORGEOUS, I have made a golden sacred rule that a woman is not a true BBW unless she HAS DREEEAM HEAVEN PLUMP GOOORGEOUS ARMS-I LOVE HERS!!! He is SO LUCKY to SUCK her BIG HEEEAVEN THICK NIPPLES!!! CJ is without a DOUBT-THE most HEAVEN PERFECT, GORGEOUS DREAM BBW I have EEVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!! I LOVE imagining her lips are round my cock when she sucks him, although I would have LICKED her DREAM PUSSY LIPS and her HEAVEN GORGEOUS ASSHOLE for HOURS before putting it in her!!! I am offically CJ's BIGGEST FAN on the ENTIRE PLANET, I LOVE her more than any woman on EARTH, I want every single image and video she has EVER DONE, that woman is HEAVEN ON EARTH!!!
Chubby chaser
February 05, 2015
These guys don't know what they're missing. Cumming inside a girl is the best feeling in the world!

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