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Brianna Falcone » Ready For Anything

Ready For Anything
Her 44DDD cups are ready for suckling and fucking, anytime, anyplace. Brianna Falcone is a recent arrival at XGirls and a perfect fit. She was ready for XXX action from the get-go. "I've always been popular with the boys," Brianna informs us. "My first time...a girl never forgets her first...was an oral encounter. No one was home and he ate my pussy while I was laying on my parents' bed. I remember his tongue making circles around my clitoris. I came and ever since then, I love being eaten and fucked." Brianna says she's multi-orgasmic. "I'm very horny to cum a lot. If I can't get a man to fuck me with his cock for whatever reason, I'll play with myself. Not from lack of sex but just wanting to cum. I like to cum every day. Women who say they are too busy to cum are depriving themselves of one of life's great pleasures." What does she look for in a man? "The first thing I check out is a guy's package. If your nickname is Lumpy, I want to know more!"
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Latest Comments
  • bt: "To shave her pussy
    would be a mistake! …"
  • Giordi: "I like the way her nipples point almost straigh …"
  • Mike: "WOW! I mean incredible body - face, boobs, stom …"
  • ELI: "Is Chuck insane ? Brianna is a beautiful girl,C …"
  • JET: "Oh what a ride Brianna would be..And don't you …"
  • Chuck: "Get rid of the cunt forest! …"
  • Tom: "Brianna is like a sexual theme park. There are …"
Member Comments

7 Member Comments
Added on 01/14/2013 10:49am
To shave her pussy
would be a mistake! Ide
eat finger fuck her and
cream it as is. Shes
Added on 10/15/2012 7:35pm
I like the way her nipples point almost straight down.....like the bushy pussy, it
would be my pleasure to shave her.....
Added on 08/28/2010 5:59am
WOW! I mean incredible body - face, boobs, stomach, ass and legs.
Best model on the site. She is just so hot.

Need more of her.
Added on 08/09/2010 2:23am
Is Chuck insane ? Brianna is a beautiful girl,Chuck says get rid of the cunt forest---He's crazy -- this girl is gorguous -- not just her pussy but everything about her, if I had the chance to show her a good time, I wouldn't hesitate.
Added on 08/07/2010 2:47pm
Oh what a ride Brianna would be..And don't you listen to Chuck!..there are many of us who love that natural, lush hairy bush.
Added on 07/23/2010 2:56am
Get rid of the cunt forest!
Added on 07/22/2010 8:33am
Brianna is like a sexual theme park. There are so many fun and thrilling attractions that you could spend the entire day there and never get bored.
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