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Meet 'N Greet Brandie Moore!

Featuring: Brandie Moore
Date: November 4th, 2010
Photos: 69
Meet another sensational new discovery Brandie Moore, a Florida girl and now an XL Girl. Brandie likes reading, writing poetry, playing video games and enjoying the beauty of Florida weather. Her favorite TV shows are The Family Guy and Futurama. Brandie's not a sports fan but will watch a game or two on TV if she's hanging out with friends. What kind of guy does Brandie like? "I love a tall guy with a great sense of humor, guys with dark eyes and hair." Brandie likes to dress cute and casual. A skirt or pants and a low-cut shirt works for her. Her large hills give her pleasure. She must attract a ton of breast-men whenever she goes out and she deserves it. Next up: Brandie Moore in her first video!

What Members are saying about this update...

August 22, 2011
I love her belly!
August 21, 2011
June 17, 2011
more please she is awesome
January 06, 2011
Magnificent. I can't stop looking at that beautiful belly. Can't wait for her next shoot.
December 09, 2010
For the most part this was a dynamite set, well lit, and the light colors complimenting her pale skin, got to give the photo people props for that.

As for Brandie, I think she should keep out of the sun, the contrast between her doughboy body and tanned face and arms is a little jarring. All white would be better, she's really close to plumper perfection, all the profiles are just spot on. Great face too, she's going to be a star if she keeps working. This set is one of my favorites of the year, shots #35, 45 and 65 are close to being iconic plumper backside shots, I rate them right up there.

And, once again he complains, what a pity we can't get a shot like #37 or 43 with the hands out of the way, a few shots of her plump vag lips closed. It's the only thing missing from what is otherwise a stellar set, there's not one shot that shows her body from the mons to the bottom in a natural state, without being held open or split. I guess guys like these split beaver shots, but how about tossing in a least a couple non-gynos? Please?
November 10, 2010
You guys at XL Girls have really been on a roll lately! Brandie is another great addition to your website. Lots of long, dark hair, beautiful boobs, pretty face and a great ass! Please give us more layouts of Brandie - SOON!!!

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