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Featuring: Blanka
Date: September 3rd, 2012
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As we once mentioned, Blanka has a sadistic side. "The photographer was a gentleman but I saw he had a big erection when I played with my tits so I teased him," Blanka said. "I played a big joke on him. I said if he took good pictures of me, I would suck his dick in the bathroom. Then when the photos were done, and he went to the bathroom, I got dressed and left to go to my hotel!" That's mean but funny. And you thought men's magazine photographers get all the pussy they want. "I still keep my modeling very quiet. I don't want people to know what I do. They would call me a slut because they are very old-fashioned and strict people who still think it is 1950. But I don't care because I like to do as I please and if I want to pose naked and have sex with men, I will do it." You tell 'em, Blanka.

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November 02, 2016
I would like to see her now in 2016.
January 09, 2013
Ide love to fuck her
too. Never get tired of
getting off to her
October 15, 2012
Looks like an early girl friend's mother who was 4000% sexier than her daughter....I
plonked her soooooooooo many times in my fantasies.....Like everyone else I like this
model's woman in the neighborhood/next door appeal
September 07, 2012
She is simply fabulous both in looks and in figure. It will be a dream come true to fuck her.
September 05, 2012
God i would love to fuck her

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