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Bessi. The big, strapping Czech. She always looks so happy and that makes a guy feel good. "I never noticed before just how really cute Bessi is," emailed T.W "How could I have missed that? Never again." And J.D. comments that "Bessi is a favorite of mine who may be too big for some guys but not for me. I love those rolls. I'd like to butter them for breakfast but I can't afford a plane ticket to Prague. She looks great to me whether she is alone or in a sex scene." Bessi hit the seamless for this oily body show. Seamless is always popular because there's nothing in the background that can distract from the model, like furniture or plants. If you want to know why the cost of oil is getting so high, blame Bessi. She loves soaking in it. The drawback is that you can slide right off her. Still, who would turn down a chance to wrestle her?
Featuring: Bessi
Date: March 9th, 2011
Duration: 100

Member Comments

7 years ago 
Wow, she's hot! More of Bessi please!
7 years ago 
She's one of the best whatever name she goes under..(June Kelly for one)An amazing curvy and plump body and the finest titties!! This set's had me cummin loads! Bring it on and more video of her pleeeeeze!!!
7 years ago 
always loved these oiled-up sets. i for one would not turn down the chance to oil wrestle her. sliding around with and on Bessi would be awesome fun. who cwuld miss the chance to get pinned under those massive oled up tits?!?
7 years ago 
What a beautiful woman. Please more of Bessi, soon!
7 years ago 
Bessi all oiled up was a great idea. More please!
7 years ago 
Love the basic premise of this set. Simple yet sexy. Another than her name,"Bessi" She's a hottie. Thanks
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