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Rub Up, Rub Down

A massage before sex-time suits Aspen just fine. "I like lots of foreplay," says Aspen. She appreciates a man with strong fingers and a big, hard cock. "I like to be really worked up to the point of begging to get fucked. It just seems to be so much more intense the longer it takes. I love a strong, dominant man who takes charge and fucks me flat on my back. That's why I liked this massage scene. I need a take-charge kind of man. "Even when I'm watching a video, I don't want to see a woman have to chase a man or see the man play coy and uninterested. I want to see a virile, horny guy go after a woman from the start.
Featuring: Aspen and J Mac
Date: February 28th, 2017
Duration: 60
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