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If you were with us back in the early days of XLGirls starting in 2000, Sarah Mercury, little known Brit plumper Samantha Jayne and Sweety knocked out everyone with their massive mams. Over time, the girls getting into birthday suit modeling, as well as hardcore action, got bustier and bustier and bigger. Until Anorei Collins (pronounced Ah-Nor-Ray) stepped into XLGirls on June 29, 2011 the biggest-boobed hitters packing major ammunition were Monique, Tracy (Wonder Tracy), Samantha 38G, Shugar, Summer Lashay, Shar, Sapphire, Maria Moore, Renee Ross and in recent times, Micky Bells and the amazing newcomer Sarah Rae. Monique has yet to try hardcore action so Anorei is now officially the biggest-breasted babe to go all-in and this is her first at XLGirls. Commenting in one of Anorei's solo sets, hailbit wrote, "I'm hoping that we will get to see many, many more sets of her and more videos. If ever there was a woman that XL has had that I'd love to meet, Anorei is her." This is for everyone here at XLGirls who feels the same way. Longtime porn stud Tony provides the rock-hard horn for Anorei to enjoy. Confident and talented, Anorei shows how she gives a man a ride he won't forget. Let the breastivities begin! This is one for the record books.
Featuring: Anorei Collins and Tony D'Sergio
Date: June 29th, 2012
Duration: 72

Member Comments

1 year ago 
@Tom, I totally agree with you, that is exactly what I had been trying to explain to dear Score and camera-crew, I also think the standing shots are the best, the only ones capable to capture the whole body of any model, but sadly they are almost always forgotten, almost extinct here. I just ask to please take at least one picture showing the FULL STANDING UP STRAIGHT COMPLETE FROM HEAD TO TOE BODY. From 60 images showing a great variety of close ups, please at least let us have 1 full body shot, either full nude or topless but boobs must be hanging down free of hands, nothing covering them or pressing or hiding at least for that very shot. AND TALKING ABOUT VIDEOS is the same thing going on, the 95% of video footage cameraman is constantly super close to model with camera placed too low, please step back from being to close and too low, re-position to a normal camera height and LET US SEE THE WHOLE COMPLETE STANDING UP STRAIGHT BODY, at least 10 seconds because is very annoying that tendency of just recording model in a super close up way placing camera only in a very low position, please some members love that low camera - super close up angles, but is no fair for us member that want to see the model from a normal camera height position and we prefer camera to be far enough from model so we can see her full body, walking, undressing, trying bras, or simply like on interviews when model is seated and cameraman only records her very close never letting us to see the full frame of her seated, that is NOT FAIR, and it gets even worst when on recording the interview cameraman never tells model to be at least half of interview TOPLESS WITH BOOBS HANGING FREE NO HANDS ON THEM, NOTHING COVERING THEM OR PRESSING, JUST BOOBS ALONE MOVING AS SHE ANSWERS QUESTIONS ON EACH INTERVIEW, I do not understand why not tell her to be topless at least the last part of the interview, very sad to not have an interview with model topless for at least 1 third of the whole video. Instead she just show one boob for 4 secs and then she hides the boobs, and she never took her top and bra completely off remaining topless for the rest of interview, Please dear SCORE FIX THAT UNFAIR TENDENCY OF RECORDING MODELS ONLY TOO CLOSE FROM A VERY LOW CAMERA HEIGHT POSITION. THAT IS NOT FAIR for member like us that want to see the whole body from a normal camera height and far enough from model to be able to see the whole body not JUST CLOSE UPS. THANKS....
5 years ago 
Wow XLGirls you have done a great work here, thanks!!!
5 years ago 
Anorei is so hot! She is one of the cutest girls in the world!
5 years ago 
more, more, & more !!
5 years ago 
The photo set is very different than the video and there are things that I like and dislike about each. The thing I liked most about the video was the cowgirl position and it is absent from the photo set. The thing I like most about the photo set are the standing shots, like #63, and they are absent from the video. I really like seeing all of Anorei in the shot and there are too many closeups, especially in the video. I was really hoping and expecting to see Tony go down on Anorei mid-fuck, like he has in so many other videos and I was disappointed he didn't. To me, that is what makes him the best male talent on your site. Anorei is great in solo sets and I hope you are going to figure out how to film and edit her better in fuck videos.
5 years ago 
Oh yeah. XL girls has a new queen and her name is Anorei.
5 years ago 
Anorei is super hot! She is looking profoundly voluptuous here. This layout does a great job
highlighting her many assets. It must have been a hot scene with this guy.
5 years ago 
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